Realtor Ruler

Concept developed by a Realtor, for Realtors. This app comes preloaded with a robust list of tasks that reflect what experienced agents might do to sell a home, but can be adapted to any linear set of tasks. It holds your default list but can be modified anytime. You may erase it and start from scratch, move items into a different order, or delete things you don’t want. One “Ruler” tracks your “to do” list for any new listing, then RR switches to a second “Ruler” to track tasks from offer to closing. Each Ruler comes preloaded with customary tasks which can be easily dragged and dropped to reorder, or deleted and recreated for your own way of doing things.You choose.

The main payoff is that “Rule the Day” page then gives you your next tasks, for each property at a glance! No more shuffling through multiple files. Just open your Rule the Day page and go get it done!

Note: Next version is planned for teams so avatars needed to be included in first version. iPad version is just the start. Smartphones will be added later too we hope! I wanted to keep it simple, and plan to stick to that element, but would gladly accept feedback!