Chess Empire

The time of safe havens for kings has past. This new chess game configuration makes the king piece vulnerable throughout the entire chess game. There are no safe castle positions for the kings. Strategies only focusing on the center are futile. New flank attacks create unexpected possibilities, surprising you and your opponents. With retreat not an option, CLASH OF KINGS is inevitable.

CLASH OF KINGS is the second of the Trilogy envisioned by CHESS EMPIRE. Inspired by the classic game of chess, our unique board design makes the game fun again, creating millions of new moves and unexplored possibilities. Because traditional memorized moves no longer apply, the games are designed to maximize fun and reward creativity. There are no predetermined openings. Surprise your opponents with your new pioneering openings, attacks, and defensive variants. The new possibilities coupled with the dynamics of playing another human will result in unimaginable fun and challenge.

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